Walters Bay Tea Estates strives to be an industry leader. Our tea estates in the renowned tea-growing centers of Sri Lanka are more than locations for producing the finest quality pure Ceylon Tea. They provide a model of sustainability and shared prosperity.

Walters Bay Tea Estates thrives on transparency. Our Estate-Direct Model means you buy directly from the grower. This model not only guarantees the quality of our teas, but also allows for Origin Traceability. Our customers can track our teas through every step of the process, from growing, to hand-plucking, to production, to packaging.

We cares about the environment. We’ve taken a number of steps to reduce our carbon footprint. These include using hydro-electric power at our production facilities and forgoing the use of agricultural machinery for harvesting.

We empowers workers. Our estate workers enjoy benefits and conditions that far exceed those of other developing nations. In addition to enforcing strict child labor laws, we provide healthcare, schooling, housing, and living wages for our workers and their families. Our award-winning teas reflect this commitment.

Walters Bay Tea Estates is a fully vertically integrated tea company that controls the entire tea supply chain, from our tea nurseries to growing and processing, and delivering finished products.

Without question, the care provided to our workers and their families is directly reflected in the quality of our tea. By purchasing this tea directly from a grower, our tea connoisseurs promote social and environmental sustainability programs in our tea gardens and surrounding communities.

These initiatives include child care centers, schools, retirement savings plans, and medical care for our tea estate workers and their families. As a grower, our care for the land and its resources is sacred. Like the growers at your local farmers market.